Corporate Tax Consultancy

At Quintas Registered Auditors based in Cork, Ireland our Corporate Tax Consultancy team aim to reduce the total corporation tax liability for our corporate clients by taking a comprehensive approach to their tax affairs. Our philosophy is to understand our client’s business in order to provide tax solutions which are practical, have short and long term benefits and are relevant to the client.

Corporate structures provide many opportunities in the area of tax planning because of lower tax rates and pension planning opportunities.  We can identify these opportunities and help unlock and optimise the benefits for you and your company. 

The range of Corporate Taxation Services we provide to our corporate clients includes advice on:

  • Maximising the 12.5% corporate tax rate
  • Ensuring that full benefit is obtained for tax deductible items, including capital allowances and interest paid
  • Structuring finance arrangements to maximise tax relief’s
  • Group Structures and Company Reorganisations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Restructuring prior to a sale to maximise after tax return
  • Pension planning
  • Tax efficient cash extraction
  • Tax efficient remuneration packages for executives including share option schemes
  • Business Start Ups
  • Revenue Investigations and Audits

For more information on the corporate tax services we offer in this area, please contact our Tax Consultants Sean McSweeney or Pamela Murphy