Audit Services

At Quintas Registered Auditors based in Cork, Ireland we believe that an audit should not only satisfy your compliance and regulatory issues, but also be a vital, informative and value added experience for you.  To this end we design our audit testing to address the concerns of shareholders and directors, as well as regulatory matters.  We also see the audit function as an opportunity to evaluate possible improvements in the Management and Financial functions of the your business. 

Our Partner led Audit teams have the up-to-date expertise, the breadth of experience and the staff resources to assist all of our audit clients, from large multinationals to the smallest audited companies to comply with their statutory requirements and to avail of insightful and practical management advice.  All audits are carried out with the emphasis on quality, integrity and objectivity.

Your audit should be a key part of a Continuous Improvement Process for your business.

Our services include:-

  • Audit Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • On site fieldwork
  • Liaising with the Management and Finance functions
  • Regular communications and updates
  • Companies Act Compliance
  • Other Regulatory Compliance
  • FRS Compliance
  • Post Review & Improvement Programme