VAT Consultancy

At Quintas Registered Auditors based in Cork, Ireland our experience shows us that VAT is often the most significant tax cost issue for many organisations, not only for businesses but also for the public sector and other not for profit organisations.  


Indeed Revenue investigations and Revenue audits of VAT compliance often result in large settlements payable.

At Quintas our team of Tax Consultants provide VAT planning services on a wide range of issues which include:


  • Comprehensive VAT Compliance Services
  • Detailed VAT healthchecks to review potential savings, increase efficiencies and reduce interest and penalties exposures
  • VAT Cash Flow management
  • Determining strategies to ensure maximum VAT recovery for exempt/partially exempt bodies
  • VAT on all property transactions including leases.
  • VAT on imports/exports of goods or services


For more information on the services we offer in this area, please contact Sean McSweeney  or Pamela Murphy